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"Over the last 5 years, over 200 of my students have obtained distinction (A1/A2) for their O Levels."



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8hrs over 4 sessions;
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Our Expert: Jason Ang

We are proud to introduce Mr. Jason Ang, our new Physics and Chemistry tutor, who has 10+ years of teaching experience with a stellar tutoring track record. A graduate of NTU with B. Eng (Hons) and Diploma in Education from NIE, he has helped over 200 students obtain distinction (A1/A2) for their O Levels in the past 5 years, receiving rave reviews from parents and students for his successful teaching methodology. Jason inspires students and helps them achieve impressive academic results.
Achieving top grades is a tricky business. I like to keep things really simple. If others take 15 mins to deliver, I do it in 5 mins. I do not believe in working for the results. Instead I believe results will fall in place once the first principles are established.
— Jason


Parents and students speak about their experience with Mr. Ang

Mr Ang is one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met. I joined his class towards the end of Secondary One, and has been in his class all the way till Secondary 4, for both Chemistry and Physics. Mr Ang is not the usual teacher that you will meet — he is extremely effective in finding analogies to help you understand any hard concept, such as his grandmother and aunt buying fish from the market. He is also a very understanding teacher who will give you breaks halfway through the lesson as he knows that the students are tired and need time to digest the information, as well as freshen up. Throughout my 10 years of being a student, he is the first teacher I see, who does not shout at his students, and yet can control the class well. Before I joined Mr Ang’s class, I was barely passing my Chemistry and Physics. However, his lessons managed to help me grasp concepts easily and understand the different topics in both Chemistry and Physics. He is also very approachable and is someone that you can talk to like a friend. Most importantly, he is very encouraging, and will sincerely motivate his students to do well, teaching them the different ways to understand a concept better. Mr Ang, unlike other teachers, does not emphasis on the results. His main aim is ensuring that his students understand a certain concept as he feels that that is the basis of studying. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” Mr Ang is a teacher who involves his students throughout his lessons such that we are able to grasp the different concepts. He is like a giving tree, who is always willing to dedicate time and effort for his students. As an IP student who transferred from the O Level track in Secondary 2, I feel that it is hard to understand certain topics that are taught in school as there are many additional things related to the A Level syllabus. However, Mr Ang always tries his best to help me, and now, I am able to learn the different topics with a new perspective. Thank you Mr Ang, for all that you have done. All the best Mr Ang! Thank you!
— Rachel Wong, Cedar Girls (IP)

Thank you Mr Ang for the past 3 years !! Thank you for always readily helping me with my chemistry, and spending extra time and effort to coach me after class! You made chemistry concepts easier to grasp through your analogies and stories! My understanding of chemistry has been strengthened because of the practices that you gave us! You would also motivate us to solve challenging questions by treating to us to drinks if we managed to solve them!! This made learning even more fun because there is a reward to look forward to! Your life stories also serve as an inspiration and you constantly encourage us to do even better that I feel apologetic to you whenever I fail to achieve good results. When I overworked myself in sec 3, you would always ask me to take a break and have ample rest! I admire how you don’t put emphasis on results but instead, you make sure that we enjoy the process of learning. Your teaching also stimulates my analytical skills and this allows me to truly understand and like the subject. All the best Mr Ang!
— Jit Leng, Bishan (St Nicholas Girls’ School)

Good teaching includes several important values such as care, nurture and perseverance. But at the end of the day, good teaching is about having fun, experiencing sense of satisfaction and intrinsic locking eyes with a student in the back row and seeing the synapses and neurons connecting, thoughts being formed, the person becoming better, and a smile cracking across a face as learning all of a sudden happens. It’s about the former student who says your course changed her life. It’s about another telling you that your course was the best one he’s ever taken. Good teachers practice their craft not for the money or because they have to, but because they truly enjoy it and because they want to. And this is you Mr Ang. You are more than just a teacher, you are a true mentor and a friend. The way you teach and the knowledge that u shared made you the best teacher in the world. As an educator, your title can ensure a role of heightening my knowledge in academics. You see me not as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths. You promote an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated.Thank you for fighting this battle with me. All the best in your future endeavors.
— Sin Haeng, Katong (Cedar Girls School)

Hi Mr Ang! This is not so much of a testimonial, but a note to lift your spirits when you feel tired :) Although I attained an A for the recent midyr physic exam, did you know that I wanted to drop Physics last yr aft I failed the end of year paper really badly? I really went and booked an appointment with the vice principal to see if I could drop Physics in sec 4. (Un)fortunately, one of the requirements to enter ejc is to take 8 subjects in sec 4, so I had no choice.😞 Mr Ang, you not only pulled up my science grades, but you also helped me to overcome my ‘fear’ of a subject and made me believe in myself. I am always grateful, as are all your other students! When you feel tired, I hope you will think of all of us and know that you are a very important source of strength for your students :)
— Calista, St. Nicholas Girls School (IP)

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! You’d made a change in my life. There are so many things that I want to thank you for, thank you for understanding my family situation and willing to put in the extra effort in helping me to pass my O level. I promise no matter how hard the papers are, I will try my best to defeat them so as to show my appreciation towards what you’d done for me. Even though I might not be able to be the top student in either my school/tuition centre, I promise I will do my best for O! Thank you for showing care and concern towards the four of us(qumei,isabella and peichee) in fact all of us by teaching us what we are supposed to do when we are tired and what we are supposed to do to keep us healthy! Your hard work will be paid off! Thank you Mr Ang!! May God shower you with abundant blessings, bless you with health,joy,peace and love!
— Siew Yun, Holy Innocents’ High School

Mr Ang is a really inspiring teacher. He is also the first teacher I’ve met that do not require students to excel in exams in order to show that they understand the concepts. When some of us have done not so well in our exams, he did not scold us for not putting in effort but rather he encourages us to pick ourselves up and make us feel motivated to work harder to achieve better results. Mr Ang has been my teacher for about 4 years. My science results have improved tremendously after joining him in Sec 1. He is also very patient. He does not mind repeating what he said again and again and often put the concepts in lay man terms for us to understand better he also takes time to help those who still do not understand separately. He also encourages us to come down often to watch the videos to clear up our misconceptions and brush up on the older topics. He always take the efforts to ask students to come for extra lessons in preparations for their upcoming exams or tests. I have really enjoyed his lessons throughout these four years. Thank you Mr Ang!
— Kwan Yi Xin, Crescent Girls School

Chan Shi Qi.jpg
Hi Mr Ang ! First and foremost I would like to thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for the class, especially for my brother and I. I clearly remember the first time we met in the tuition centre in 2013 December of late November. My results in S2 EOY did not meet my expectations and I was relatively worried for my Sec 3 an 4 chemistry after hearing stories of half the cohort failing chemistry. My foundation was quite unstable at that time and I was very glad and thankful when you offered to let me attend extra lessons to do the practises throughout the December holiday. Even after the holidays, you continued to support me in my test revision, providing resources, notes and practice papers that really tested my understanding in chemistry. Shortly after, my brother joined your class. he wasn’t exactly the most hardworking and diligent student, but you never give up on him and his short attention span. His results may not be the best in class, but I honestly feel that his attitude towards studying improved vastly. Your teaching methods are very effective, breaking down complex concepts into smaller and understandable parts that kids our age can understand and digest. The analogies and tips that you share with us are truly helpful especially in exams ! On a side note, I really enjoy the 4 hour lessons that we had during the holidays. I have managed to come this far in Chemistry and Physics and it would not have been possible without your help and continuous support. Thank you very much Mr Ang!
— Chan Shi Qi, Chung Cheng High School

Hi Mr Ang ! Everything is from the bottom of my heart so I hope it is able to bring you the joy as you read it and here it goes… Throw back to the first day I joined Mr Ang’s lesson, I remember the feeling my upset stomach gave me. I was very nervous and I had a hard time imagining how my physics teacher would be like. However the moment I saw him, I felt like those worries were meaningless. Mr Ang was just like “Hi Xiao Xuan, I’m your physics teacher” with an extremely warm smile. Although I reacted super awkwardly like I was afraid of him, I was not and to be honest, I felt as it part of me was put at ease. Of course this isn’t the only strength of Mr Ang. He is great at teaching as well. Though everything from this point onwards may sound cliche resembling a planned out script, I can promise its the truth. Mr Ang really puts in a lot of effort into teaching us. He tries his best to squeeze in more lessons so as to prepare us both mentally and physically for our national paper this year. One thing that I really, like about Mr Ang is that he never forgets  that the essence of learning is fun. He tried making his lessons more interesting with jokes, showing us entertaining videos and sharing some of his personal stories. I feel that these are not redundant as they really motivates us to study and I guess thats why his students fared pretty well for their examination. I would really like to thank Mr Ang for igniting that passion for physics again. Thank you and Happy Teachers Day Mr Ang!
— Lin Xiao Xuan, Chung Cheng High School

Mr Ang is an extremely patient teacher especially when it comes to me and my bombarding questions. He has cleared every doubt I have ever had with extreme patient and I am amazed at his ability to almost never get angry at any of us. However what separated mr Ang from the rest of the tutors is the fact that along with teaching , he also manages to squeeze in life lessons or tips on how to study. I found that they have greatly helped me during examinations or study during this crucial period. Thank you Mr Ang :)
— Ayushi, Tanjong Katong Girls School

My first impression of Mr Ang was that he was a very strict teacher. However, as I got to know him close to a year, my current impression of him would be he is someone that is amiable, entertaining and comical. He likes to crack jokes (although it is lame but it does makes us laugh). I got the inspiration to do well because of his lesson, which results in Chemistry being my most improved subject. I started going to watch ipad videos whenever i have the time and Mr Ang was very welcoming to allow me to do so. Since then, my results have been improving from a D7 to at least a B4. I don’t know how but his way of teaching makes the subject very interesting to me. Science was once my hated subject especially Chemistry as I did not do so well as compared to Physics. Mr Ang is also very approachable. I thank him for all his motivation and inspiration which has made me very confident to tackle my upcoming O’level exams. Thank you Mr Ang.
— Wayne Ng, Bishan

Dear Mr Ang, Even though I’ve only been your student for less than a year, I have already improved in my studies by leaps and bounds. Enrolling with a failing grade at the end of Sec 3, you’ve helped me relearn the basics and bounce back from those dark days. Thank you for your patience and dedication to us students, and even though you didn’t get paid extra, you still encourage us to come for revision to improve on our weaknesses so that we can keep up with our work. Thank you too, for your meaningful stories to help teach us values so that we can become better not just academically but also in character as a person. I am also grateful for your dedication to us students in this crucial O level year, and I am sure that I could not have done as well as I am doing without your help and guidance, and for that, I hope to do you proud in the upcoming O level exams!
— Andrea Ko, Cedar Girls School

Lessons under Mr Ang keep getting better. He constantly strives to come up with clearer explanations, better analogies, and more questions to test our understanding. The difference between him and most school teachers is that he does not rely on the definition given by the textbooks to help us understand the concept.
Mr Ang nurtures the interest and curiosity of his students towards fields such as theoretical physics through videos and even hands-on learning, inspiring them to want to find out what else there is outside the textbook.
Mr Ang may not be the brightest student there is out there, but his struggles to understand science have helped in the way that he teaches. He not only understands our difficulties, but having gone through them himself, he knows how to get us out of them.
Back in secondary two before my streaming, I was faced with a difficult decision; whether to study Physics or not. Mr Ang played a very important role in my choice, and now I not only enjoy learning both Physics and Chemistry under him, but I am also interested in pursuing a career related to Physics.
I thank him for all the time and effort he has put into me.
— Carmen Chong, St. Margaret's Girls School

I started physics classes with mr ang when i was in secondary 3. At that time, i had zero interest in the subject as i was really bad at it. However, mr ang made his lessons enjoyable and interesting by giving analogy to help the class better understand concepts. He knows when to lighten the mood in class and never fail to make us laugh at least onces or twice every lesson. Unlike other tuitions i have, i always look forward to mr ang’s classes. My love for physics grew at the same time, and naturally with hard work, i was able to improve. Instead of using fear to control the class, mr ang gains the respect of the students and hence most student co-operated with him to have a smooth and productive lesson. I have always wanted to be a teacher and after seeing mr ang’s teaching method and how he not only cares about his students’ results but also their well being, i am even more inspired to pursue my dream as a teacher in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank mr ang for not only helping me in my sciences, but also encouraging me and giving me good advice whenever he notice that I am stress or feeling down.
— Cherilyn Kwek, Anderson Secondary School

Mr Ang is an extremely patient and committed teacher. He shows compassion in his teaching and treats all his students equally. Mr Ang always shares stories of his life from his army days, sharing with us life skills and his experiences. His teaching is also easy to understand and always enforces not only new but old concepts as well. He utilizes everything he has to educate his students in the way that it’s easiest to understand yet as detailed as possible. His patience with his students is admirable, willing to go through old concepts as many times as possible until his students understand it. Through my 4 years with Mr Ang, he has greatly aided in my endeavor of advancing in the world of science be it in chemistry or physics, he has brought out the best of me. I cannot thank you enough, Mr Ang, the teacher who has stood by me, constantly giving me the tools to sharpen my blade and has taken care of me throughout the 4 years. With this, Mr Ang, thank you for all the memories you’ve forged for me, the time we spent together and most importantly taking me in as a student of yours. We may not cross our paths again as student and teacher, but I will always regard you as a teacher in my heart.
— Justin Soh

Before I joined Mr Ang’s class, I was failing chemistry in school and it made me extremely unmotivated and I didn’t enjoy learning chemistry. But after attending classes him, not only did my grades improve, I started having an interest in chemistry because the way Mr Ang taught the subject made it so easy and interesting. He also constantly motivates us during lesson which makes me look forward to lessons with him. When I first started lessons at the end of secondary 3, I was demoralized as I had not passed the subject for the entire year. But by June, I managed to pull my grades up from an E8 to a B4.  Mr ang is friendly and approachable, making it easy to ask questions. He is also caring and understanding when his students are tired and in need of a break. I feel productive in his class as he makes you do the work, this way, he can check on the spot if you’re up to mark. Thank you:)
— Victoria Tan, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Mr Ang is a tutor that cares about his students beyond the walls of the classroom. He is constantly reminding his students that they are capable of achieving good marks and never demoralizes a student, even when they do not do well. While he asks a lot of his students, he encourages them to rest well and not burn out. I am so thankful to have been under his tutelage. I truly would not have made the progress I have made today if I had not joined his class. He is a wonderful teacher that makes even the hardest of concepts simple to grasp. Thank you so much for all your help, Mr Ang! 
— Shernyce, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Hi Mr. Ang, I’d like to give thanks for your never failing guidance in coaching me in my weak areas and identifying how I should approach my studies and revision towards my Sciences. And this method not only helped me in my Science, but I also managed to apply this skill into other subjects that required memory work for example, my Humanities. The way you taught the subject was somewhat different such as memorizing the way to draw the Covalent Bond by memorizing the lines from the respective groups. This was really beneficial. When you offered for us to come down for extra lessons, that was showed you cared for us. Not only you entertained us when you had a class to teach, the iPad video method really helped and you were there to further explain things that one could not understand despite watching the video. Thank you for your time and guidance.
— Adam, St. Andrew’s Secondary School

Dear Mr Ang, I can recall vividly when I first joined your class. Now I am endlessly grateful to you. Not only have you helped me get my A1s for my science but you also gave me the confidence and self-esteem. You gave hope to what I thought and everyone believed was a person who could never succeed in his studies. You showed me the right ways to answer the questions and I immediately understood what you said. Previously I was reluctant to go to tuition of any kind. However, your tuition was different. I actually looked forward to it. Your lessons embarked my journey towards academic success and you provided more than academic knowledge, you lit the fire in the spirit of a boy who thought he never could succeed. 
— Keon Lim

Thank you Mr Ang for the past 2 years! I started physics tuition because I had failed a physics test in school. But after a few months of tuition, my physics grades improved. Thanks for being a caring and being a nice teacher, always answering my queries in lessons. Whenever I have a test coming up, you always propose for us to come for extra lesson to practice more. Thanks for helping improve my physics results, but not only that, thank you for motivating me to study physics. You make the lessons more exciting with your hilarious life stories. I used to dread going tuition but your teaching makes me can’t wait to go tuition every week. So thank you :) Unlike other teachers I’ve encountered, you make a conscious effort in interacting with us students, not as a teacher, but as a friend. Mr Ang thank you for the memorable 2 years of tuition! :D
— Alicia Teo, Anglican High

When we first received his results slip, we were so amazed with his performance.  He aced all his subjects!  We got in touch with you to express our appreciation then.  And I am once again conveying our sincere thanks for making a difference in his academic journey.

Last Saturday, Nicholas was back at St Andrew’s Founder’s Day Awards Presentation and I am very pleased to share that he was presented with two awards, 1st in Subject-English and 2nd for the N Level results.

Thought I should also share this. The 2014 SA Dux mentioned you in his speech.  You were his form teacher and what you shared with the class and personally inspired him.  He was all praise for your passion to teach and give of your very best to the class.

We believe you would look at his achievements and be inspired to touch many more lives. Thank you and thank you.
— Mr. and Mrs. Cheong (St. Andrew’s Secondary School)

We would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation in playing a major role in helping our son, Wayne Ng, to scoring an A1 in S4 Combined Science!

Your positive influence, immense energy and teaching methods have enabled Wayne to adopt a correct learning attitude, re-look this subject with a more serious attitude and importantly, pull himself up from a C to A grade. This is despite his travelling to the Centre by himself after school on weekdays, though fatigue, but certainly glad to see all his efforts have paid off greatly.

Till we meet again, we sincerely wish you all the very best in your endeavours.  

Thank you.
— Mr. & Mrs. Ng